Best Companion Dogs

The best companion dogs are ones in which you form a lasting special bond with. Dogs have a unique ability to bond and understand us, to the extent that no other animal can. Let’s explore these special qualities that dog’s have which have enable them to truly be man’s best friend.

Dog’s Unique Abilities to Connect With Humans

Centuries of domestication of the dog has caused a shift in the focus of attention from members of their own species to members of the human race. Research around how dog’s play has shown that dog’s place humans in an entirely different frame of mind than another dog. Dogs attachment to people is often more intense than with their own species. Science now knows that all dogs have been programmed by domestication to have an intense emotional reaction toward people. This lies at the root of unconditional love for which owner’s treasure in their companion dogs.

Dog’s are masters of observation utilizing abilities we do not posses. We have recently gained a better understanding and appreciation for the special abilities that make dog’s such valued companions. Dogs seem fascinated by people’s eyes and faces and are very sensitive to our body language. Dog’s posses the ability to read very subtle aspects of human body-language, actions that we are often unaware of. This capability has been very useful in cementing the bond between man and dog. In an addition they use their hypersensitive nose to recognize subtle changes in body odor which allows dogs to be trained to detect an impending seizure in diabetics and epileptics.

In addition to a dog’s acute sense of smell dog’s build up a multi-sensory picture of what people look like. In one study they played a recording of the voice of a person the dog knew but showed a picture of someone else. The dog gave a look of surprise knowing the voice and the face did not match-up.

Studies show that dog’s are also very sensitive to what goes on within relationships not just not just those that are directly involved in. Dogs also understand relationships between people and other dogs in the household. Their keen sense of the dynamics within relationships can cause some discord when the members of the home are altered.

Dog’s are an extremely successful domestication case. They have been with us for thousands of years and had been selectively bred into hundreds of a variety of shapes and sizes in part to facilitate the various jobs they have done for man. Now the majority of dogs no longer have a working role but are valued as companion dogs. Owners need to value the importance of temperament and proper socialization that dogs need in order to be those best companion dogs.

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Your New Best Friend


Dutchess I wanted to let you know how well she is doing. She is such a great dog. We love her so much, I can't Imagine our lives without her!! We are thankful that you had her and we found her with you. Thank you for sending us the light in our lives! Pam Thurlow and family

Sox Hi Susan. Sox is doing great in his new environment. The children love him as you can see in the picture. He is a good boy, and quite the love. He is really smart too. Thanks for the health record. I passed your website along to a few people in Maine already. Kim-Slade-Brier and Family

Tipsy She is a great little girl, very sweet and naughty just the way I like it. So thank you for doing this work of bringing dogs and people together! The puppy is a delight! She is very sweet and so smart! My kids and husband adore her. In short, she has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks Susan! Judy McMahon and family