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Do you think these pups are beautiful? My clients think so. I know there's a special, beautiful new puppy waiting just for you!
Australian shepherd puppy Collie puppy collie puppy border collie puppy
Lab mix puppy collie mixed puppy Collie mixed puppy

aussie mixed puppy lab mixed puppy australian shepherd puppy border collie puppy
Husky mixed puppy aussie puppy lab puppy Golden retiever puppy

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Dutchess I wanted to let you know how well she is doing. She is such a great dog. We love her so much, I can't Imagine our lives without her!! We are thankful that you had her and we found her with you. Thank you for sending us the light in our lives! Pam Thurlow and family

Sox Hi Susan. Sox is doing great in his new environment. The children love him as you can see in the picture. He is a good boy, and quite the love. He is really smart too. Thanks for the health record. I passed your website along to a few people in Maine already. Kim-Slade-Brier and Family

Tipsy She is a great little girl, very sweet and naughty just the way I like it. So thank you for doing this work of bringing dogs and people together! The puppy is a delight! She is very sweet and so smart! My kids and husband adore her. In short, she has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks Susan! Judy McMahon and family