Best Dog Breed for Me

What’s the best dog breed for me you ask? Before you look at the vast chooses when selecting a dog breed and all the characteristics that go along with that, let’s look at the new dog owner. People seen to be very interested in a dog’s temperament, when selecting a dog breed. Have you ever really looked at your own? Do you have the patience and communication skills to train a dog? Do you have the willingness to take care of a puppy? Do you have the interest and the energy to walk your dog after a long day of work? You may want to give some serious thought as to why you’re getting a dog/puppy. Think about what that will really look like at the beginning and 10-12 years down the road. Have realistic expectations when considering what may be the best dog breeds for you. The dog will have some basic needs that the new owner will need to fulfill. Daily feeding, veterinary visits, exercise requirements. If you love the dog/puppy picking up dog poop will not feel like work, it will just be a moment in time. It’s been said you care about the things you love.

Here are some basic issues to consider when looking at the best dog breeds, choosing one to become your new best friend.

As stated above it’s important to clearly asses your ability to understand a dog’s true nature, interact and care for the dog in ways that address the fact that he’s a dog and not a person.

Ask yourself these questions:

Can you see the world from the dog’s perspective? Dogs do not navigate their world through the same senses as we do.

Do you have the Temperament to train a dog? Patience is an absolute must.

Do you have the communication skills to train a dog? Speak dog??

Will your economics and lifestyle permit you to take good care of your dog, now and 10-12 years down the road?

How much time can you spend with your dog and in what circumstances? Does your lifestyle permit a walk in the city park on the weekends or a daily run and all weekend at the beach?

Are there children or will there be children in the household?

Some dogs shed almost constantly and others not at all but may need frequent grooming. If your dog needs frequent grooming are you going to do it or the groomer? There is a time and financial issue to consider when selecting a dog breed.

Size of the dog will need to fit your lifestyle. Good news is a breed of dog to fit in to most environments, the Newfoundland which is about the size of a small pony to the toy breeds that weigh less than a cantaloupe.

Energy levels vary tremendously from breed to breed. I have also found that within the same litter of puppies, each had a particular energy level.

Is this your first dog? You may want to consider a breed that is known for its trainability and calm disposition.

Please keep in mind that not long ago dog’s had a specific job to do, physical and mental characteristics were developed to accomplish a particular task herding, guarding, pulling etc. Now dogs are primarily our companions but those characteristics are still alive and get expressed to one degree or another. When selecting a dog breed consider all the aspects of a particular breed and the characteristics that will more than likely be expressed, be sure to see them as they really are, keeping an open mind to their unique personalities. They just may surprise you!

All that being said it can be a wonderful life long experience in having a dog. It’s the farthest thing from work, rather it’s just pure joy! Now go find your friend!

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Dutchess I wanted to let you know how well she is doing. She is such a great dog. We love her so much, I can't Imagine our lives without her!! We are thankful that you had her and we found her with you. Thank you for sending us the light in our lives! Pam Thurlow and family

Sox Hi Susan. Sox is doing great in his new environment. The children love him as you can see in the picture. He is a good boy, and quite the love. He is really smart too. Thanks for the health record. I passed your website along to a few people in Maine already. Kim-Slade-Brier and Family

Tipsy She is a great little girl, very sweet and naughty just the way I like it. So thank you for doing this work of bringing dogs and people together! The puppy is a delight! She is very sweet and so smart! My kids and husband adore her. In short, she has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks Susan! Judy McMahon and family